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If you have been looking for auto shipping Las Vegas services then you may have soon run into some challenges. No doubt you want professionals who offer auto transport to care about your vehicle as much as you do. With so many of these types of auto service shipping providers what do you need to know to make the best choice?

It doesn’t matter whether you want your vehicle brought to Las Vegas or shipped from here, it has to be done right.


This has got to be your first priority when checking out auto transport Las Vegas services. You need a transportation broker that has the reputation for being dependable. Your vehicle is going to be moved by carriers that are well trained in this type of service. You want a broker that knows who to choose to do this. You need to be able to depend on your broker’s expertise in this area


Next on your list of “must have” for transporting your vehicle is being able to rely on your broker to track the transporting process from start to finish. You want the peace of mind in knowing that an expert is in control of the various steps that it takes to get your vehicle from or to Las Vegas, in the time frame that you expect.


You need to know that you can trust the word of your broker, and that what they say, they are going to do, and they will carry this out with the utmost care.

Cost Effective

There is a reason you are wanting to have your vehicle transported to or from Las Vegas, but at the same time you want to be able to justify the costs. You want to use an auto shipping Las Vegas service that knows how to price the cost of this service in a reasonable fashion.

An established Las Vegas auto transport provider:

While there is nothing wrong with giving a new company a chance, when it comes to the transportation of your vehicle you don’t want to leave anything up to chance. By using a service provider that specializes in the transporting of vehicles, you are getting the opportunity to rely on their experience and expertise. They know what the potential hazards are of transporting a vehicle, and as a result of this they know how to avoid them. By choosing an established vehicle transport company you are not going to be paying for someone’s mistakes.

Don’t make the price your deciding factor:

While it is always good to do some comparison shopping, there is a technique for doing this. Often people do comparison shopping and make their decision based just on the lowest price. This is not a tactic that you want to use when comparing Las Vegas Auto transporting.

You want to consider all of the important factors that we have listed here. You need to know that the information that you are being provided with during your comparison is truthful and accurate. Make sure that if you ask any questions that you are getting a direct answer.

Is the quote a dependable one?

Naturally you are going to ask for a quote for the auto shipping Las Vegas service. You would expect that the price you get is what you will end up paying. If the quote appears low to some of the other comparisons that you have done, then it may mean there is a red flag here. It is not uncommon for some auto shippers to give a quote first, then shop around for a carrier at the lowest price. Their choosing of a carrier is not based on the reliability, professionalism, or credibility of that carrier. It is based on what they will have to pay this company so they can keep the majority of what you pay in their own pockets. This type of business could very well be putting your vehicle at risk. At the very least it could mean that your vehicle shipping will be delayed.

You want to deal with a company that has some select carriers that they do ongoing business with. In most cases these types of vehicle transportation companies will know right away which carrier they are going to assign your vehicle to.

Customer Service Standards

Everyone likes to be treated with care and respect when seeking out any kind of service. The same applies when you are in need of auto transport Las Vegas services. You can learn a great deal by the type of customer care you are receiving as you go through the decision making process of choosing your car shipping service.  If you are finding that the company you are reviewing is paying attention to detail then you are going to feel much more confident in them once you hire them.

Does the size or type of vehicle matter?

Everything that you need to know about transporting your vehicle to or from Las Vegas should be up front. You don’t want to be given a quote then find out because your vehicle is a mini-van or pick-up truck that you are going to have to pay extra.

Can you expedite the vehicle moving service?

You may have a very tight schedule and need your vehicle to arrive at its destination in a very short period of time. The Las Vegas auto shipping company you choose should be able to accommodate you in a special circumstance.


Choosing an Auto Transport Las Vegas service provider doesn’t have to be a difficult task if you follow the guidelines that we have provided you with here. It is well worth taking a little extra time to do your research to ensure you are making the right choice. Be sure to check out the reviews that a vehicle transport company in Las Vegas should be able to provide you with.

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Premier Auto Shipping is a Minneapolis based full-service auto transport company. We have been in business since 2004 as a Minnesota corporation. Our competitive rates and attention to detail sets us apart from the competition. Unlike most of our competitors, we offer service with no upfront deposits.

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Auto transport brokers perform front end sales, marketing, and dispatch services for the carriers; who in turn do the actual physical moving of your vehicle. These two companies must work closely together to assure a timely shipment and delivery of your vehicle.

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