Car Shipping in Fort Myers FL

Hiring a car shipping in Fort Myers FL company is a big decision. Our vehicles are often a costly investment that we don’t take lightly. Because of this, you need to do your research to find the best for your particular make, model, and situation. Here are a few things to think about before hiring a car shipping Fort Myers company.

When it comes to pricing/quotes supplied online by numerous shipping firms, most individuals make one mistake by going with the cheapest selection. However, you don’t want to go with the cheapest quote you’re provided immediately. You need to ask the shipping firm a few questions first to ensure they are the best choice for you. While budget is one of the factors in the quest to find the best car shipping in Fort Myers FL company, it isn’t the only one.

Some things you need to do more investigating besides the cost are insurance coverage, shipment manner, and any other concerns you have with that particular shipping firm. Most companies make it easy to ask these questions and find out the answers by having their contact information readily available on the first page.

Finding a Trustworthy Car Shipping in Fort Myers FL Company

Start by conducting an online search. Examine how long they’ve been in business, what services they provide, and, most importantly, what customers say about them. Testimonials of the company’s success can be found on various websites through their online reviews. These are valuable resources that let you see what others think about the companies you find.


Assume there are two businesses that you are comparing. One has reduced rates, but it also has a reputation for breaching the law, falsifying logbooks, and so forth. In addition, their accident rate is higher than the average auto commuter. The other shipper has somewhat higher rates, but they have modern equipment and carriers, as well as being completely legal. Who do you think is the better option? This is why basing your decision on cost alone could cost you in the end.

Is the Car Carrier Staff Professional?

Professional Personnel is extremely important. You want to select a car Transport company that is professional with everything. This includes the first phone call through making a commitment and seeing it through to the end. Be sure that the company you choose has employees follow through on their commitments. They should also keep you updated and walk you through the entire process of having your automobile shipped to your destination so you understand what to expect.

Is Their Website Up to Date?

You’ll note that some auto-transport firm websites appear outdated as if they were created in the 1990s. Auto-transport businesses that do their job well will strive to keep everything updated. This is an accurate representation of how important up-to-date technology is to them. Do they have this same technology on their trucks too? The genuineness of a corporation can be determined by looking at its website. Another good indicator of the site being a fake is that their website has a lot of grammar or spelling errors, or their text is hard to read. These are small hints that your company isn’t in tune with the fine details of their website. What makes you think they will be for your car shipping?

Check the status of the company’s license.

Every car shipping in Fort Myers company must have an MC number and authorization from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Do a search on the MC number to make sure it’s correct. Do not trust a business that displays the words ‘Not Authorized’ in red letters. This is for sure a red flag that you will want to avoid.

Tracking System

Inquire about the company’s tracking system, which will allow you to keep track of your vehicle’s location at all times. You should be able to follow your shipment through an online tracker that will allow you to know where it is at all times. This is the latest in-car shipping technology you should look for when looking for a car shipping in Fort Myers FL company.

Car Carrier Options

A car shipping company can relocate your vehicle in one of three methods. They use a multi-carrier, an open carrier, and an enclosed carrier. The open and multi-carriers are the least expensive, but they expose your car to the elements and the weather. It is recommended that you hire an enclosed carrier if you have a luxury vehicle. However, if this is a family vehicle that isn’t anything special, you might save some money by choosing one of the other two options.

Cancellation Policy

Inquire about what happens should you cancel your reservation. Is there a deadline for cancellations? Make sure you fully understand this. While we hope that nothing comes up, there is always a small chance that something might happen that will require you to cancel. Some firms provide flexible plans, allowing you to book later on without incurring any fees. If you cancel, some companies might keep a deposit sum that will later be applied when you re-book shipping your car. Understand what their cancellation policies are, and consider that when booking a car shipping in Fort Myers FL company.

While these are all great tips, sometimes it can be hard to remember the policies and procedures for each company. You want to make an informed decision based on your findings, so be sure that you take the time to write everything down. Always take your time to fully understand what to expect before going with a car shopping company in Fort Myers FL. Ask questions, read reviews, take into account the professionalism and look at how that company represents itself online to give you some clues as to what to expect.