Transport Vehicle in Fort Myers, FL

You won’t have to look far to find the best transport vehicle in Fort Myers company to send your vehicle to or within Florida. Clients trust us as the best transport vehicle in Fort Myers FL company, and it shows with our excellent online reviews. Our auto shipping crew is a leader in the industry regarding customer service. From giving upfront rates and pricing to assisting you throughout the auto transport process, we are here to help. You can expect our team will treat you and your vehicle with the highest respect and honesty.

We employ cutting-edge technology and hold contracted drivers to high standards to assure reliability. Whatever make and model you have, along with the preferred method of transport, we’ve got you covered. We get the job done perfectly the first time through our knowledge, equipment, and people.

A Little About Florida

Did you know that Florida is a state of startling size? While it is not the largest, it has the third-largest population of any US state. While California has about three times the area of Florida, we have nearly 500 more miles of coastline.

Florida is a tourism destination that caters to a wide range of interests. Families will appreciate Orlando’s entertainment parks, including Disney and Universal Studios. Those interested in the sky should visit Cape Canaveral. This has been the home of NASA and the launchpad for decades, while those interested in the sea should visit the reefs and wrecks that dot the shore. Daytona is your destination if you enjoy engines, whether for the historic Daytona 500 in the winter or the summer. Daytona Bike Week is an annual motorcycle event held in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Determine the Best Way to Transport Vehicles in Florida

While hurricanes are the most obvious threat, the scorching sun and heat can also cause damage to vehicles. This necessitates using a transport vehicle in Fort Myers FL company that understands how to preserve your major investment in all types of weather and temperatures. Wind-blown trash, abrasive sand blown in from the beaches can harm your car’s exterior, and the damage that relentless sun can do to the exterior or interior of your vehicle can all be avoided by using an enclosed trailer for your transport vehicle in Fort Myers FL needs. However, we also offer multi-transport and open transport trailer options as well.

Open Car Transport

While the best way to transport a vehicle is through a closed carrier, there are times when that level of protection simply isn’t needed. If you are considering a transport vehicle in Fort Myers company, you might want to take the time to look at all of your options.

Dealerships employ the same double-decker automobile carriers as open carriers. Your vehicle will be protected using cutting-edge technology and delivered to its final destination within a few days after departure. Open auto shipment is a safe and cost-effective way to ship your car, safeguarding it from road vibration, excess mileage, and other factors.

Understanding the Steps Involved

The easiest approach to answer the question “How do I send my automobile to Florida?” is to show you how we run our transport vehicle in Fort Myers company. We understand that automobile owners would not entrust their vehicles to just any car shipping firm. They want experience and a good reputation. This is how we go about it:

After you set up your car transport services, we’ll begin the process of transporting your vehicle. It normally takes a week for this to happen. We’ll keep you updated on essential details such as:

  • Pickup time and date
  • Tracking number
  • Truck driver’s number.

The truck driver will then contact you to finalize delivery arrangements. Our drivers aim to treat every vehicle they transport as if it were their own. Their first aim is to protect your car from delivery-related harm. Before the driver leaves, you’ll sign and obtain a Bill of Lading.

Finally, you and the driver will evaluate the vehicle for any damage once it gets to its final destination. You will also sign the final inspection report at this time. That’s all there is to it!

If you are living in Florida or are looking to move your car to and from Fort Myers, FL specifically, gives us a call. We have been in the business for several years and are proud of our company and the services we offer. We take pride in our work and it shows with our excellent customer reviews. Call today!